25.02.2013 Blue

Lovely Secrets Can´t Buy Me Love

we are very happy about Blue´s x-ray results A2/A2 0/0


21.02.2013 Balboa on Holiday

LS Daywalker - 7 Months old


15.02.2013 Ted and the shower


LS Dreamcatcher Ted, wants to take a shower ;)


26.01.2013 new x-ray

The first X-ray results of the c-litter. We are proud of:

Lovely Secrets Christmas Surprise "Paul" – HD: A2/A2 ED: 0/0
Lovely Secrets Crazy Kind Of Christmas "Cooper" – HD: A2/A2 ED: 0/0
Lovely Secrets Christmas Glorious Star "Mia" – HD: A2/A2 ED: 0/3

LS Christmas Surprise "Paul"

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